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FAQ How to order?

To place the wholesale order, please follow the following steps:

1- Download form from here:  [You must log in to wholesale account first]
2- Input your order quantity, save it and upload to the same page or email to
3- Our staff will follow up to confirm your order and send invoices.
4- Arrange a 50% deposit and we will start processing.
5- Goods ready, arrange balance payment and shipping fee.
6- We ship products and provide you with tracking number(s).

Alternatively, you may watch this step-by-step Video Tutorial to learn as to how to place an order: [Video from our parent company Q-depot]

Discount rate = 100% - supply rate

If supply rate is 60% which means (100-60=40) So, 40% is a discount rate.

If Retail Price =100 won Supply rate = 70% (which means the discount is 30%)

Wholesale Price = 100 won x 70% = 70 won

In order to learn how to convert wholesale prices from KRW to NTD, please watch this video tutorial below.

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity.

Minimum order quantity per brand is US$300 or KRW 330,000 or NTD 9,300. for the majority of the brands. While some brands MOQ could be $500++ (KRW 550,000++). For more details, please visit our wholesale page here:

Box Quantity is the number of pieces of one product in a box.

As you know that wholesale is not done by one piece or two pieces rather you have to buy a whole box of each product.Box quantity is mentioned on the order sheet right before the column where you input your order.

Please note that the given wholesale and retail prices on the order sheet are applicable to one product not the whole box.

Our lead time is around 1-2 weeks for the majority of the brands, while some brands or some products could take longer. For example - if one product is not available today and expected to arrive next week, we may wait till we get it. We are proud to mention that we have the shortest lead time among Korean cosmetics wholesale suppliers.

Yes, you can cancel your order until you didn't make the deposit and your order is not yet up for processing. Once the deposit is made and the order is under processing or it's ready, you are unable to cancel or refund.

Unfortunately No!

Please note that we do not keep stock of any item. Everything is ordered from the brands head office or their exclusive distributor upon receiving your order and they all required MOQ and Box Quantity. If we do not meet the required MOQ or Box Quantity, we cannot get the stock and hence we cannot supply to you. Please understand!

Watch below quick tutorial to learn how to fill order sheet:

Watch below Video Tutorial to learn as how to place wholesale order right from your iPhone or iPad on the go.

Those cells which are not relevant to you are locked. You need to fill up in a yellow highlighted cells only. Other cells will be locked and you are not allowed to edit them. 

Remarks column contains a special instruction about that product and you must follow such instructions. If the product is discontinued, renewed, can't be ordered, or whatever issue, it will be mentioned there.