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FAQ Shipping & Tracking

Following shipping options are available:

  1. EMS (express mail service)
  2. Our partner forwarder which handle customs as well
  3. DHL
  4. TNT
  5. By sea ​[only large shipment 400+kg]
  6. You engage your own forwarder

You will only know your exact shipping fee once you place order and goods arrive in our warehouse. Then we will know the exact weight of the products and we can calculate shipping fee. As you know that shipping fee depends on the weight of the shipment.

Yes, you can engage your own forwarder. We will make delivery within Korea to your forwarder warehouse. Once the goods are delivered to them, you have to deal with your forwarder directly afterward.

Shipping by EMS/DHL/TNT takes around 3 to 5 days to over 100 countries. In general, your parcel shall arrive within 7 days anywhere in the world unless it's held by the custom office. 

To track shipping from all courier services including EMS, DHL and many others Click Here > 


Courier specific tracking

  1. To track shippments with EMS click here > OR click here

Complete Video Tutorial for advance tracking

Yes! We can make local delivery in Korea (to your forwarder or your hotel) and local shipping fee is as below: 


Weight KGShipping Fee USD
1 - 10$5 
10 - 20$7
20 - 30$10